2014 - 21 Hole Salute

RL Smith Park - July 26th -27th

2 Day B-Tier with Added Cash and Lots of Awesome

Disc Golfers,

Time to get this site up to date! This year's tournament has big shoes to fill. Last year we had a full field and a wait list of over 8 people deep. This year, you can bet that if you're not signed up in a week, you're pushing your luck. A lot of things are still in the air (like player's packs and specific details), but we do know that we are ready to put on a show for you :).

We will always have beat the man, we will always have hole sponsors, we will always have a killer player's pack. As most of you know, Charlotte is forgoing payout. That stinks right? Wrong! Ams will get some killer player's packs! Trophies will be super sweet and we have to budget for free food for one of the days. Still sounds like a blast to me!

Huge thank you to the following that we have created. Without the loyal local disc golf support, this tournament would be "just another one". However, thanks to everybody reading this, we have become more than that.

We say it every time... We won't give up trying to make this a great event until... well... never!

Our goal is to make this a "must go to" event every year. If you played it, come again. If you heard about it, come play!

What do I need to do to get ready?

Bring your "A" game. Not only do you need to be prepared physically to win a tournament, you need to be prepared mentally. Most amateurs who win are the one's who make the least mistakes.

BRING PLENTY OF WATER This tourney is in the heat of the summer. We will do our best to help you hydrate, but start drinking water now to prepare.